Shasta Creations has a full-time in-house graphic artist and embroidery digitizer to develop the design for your screen printed or embroidered garment. Our rate for artwork preparation is $40.00 per hour with a 30 minute minimum charge. Embroidery tape digitizing fee starts at $40.00.

You may also submit your own artwork. To be production-ready (also called camera-ready), it must comply with the “Artwork Submission Guidelines” below. Even if your artwork is not production-ready, it can still be valuable as a guide to help us visualize what you want while we redraw your artwork.

Shasta Creations will determine whether customer submitted artwork is production-ready. If it is not, there may be an artwork preparation fee to “finish” the artwork.

Artwork Submission Guidelines

For embroidery jobs, a .jeg file or paper copy of the artwork is generally sufficient.

For screen printing jobs, the guidelines are:

  • Acceptable file formats are:
    • vector art in a Freehand (.fh), Illustrator (.ai), or CorelDraw (.cdr) format, or
    • a high resolution (300-600 dpi) Photoshop (.psd) file in layers or channels.
  • For vector files, convert text to outlines, curves, or paths. If not converted, send us the PC font file.
  • Send ALL support files or images (scans, logos, etc.) used.
  • Submit in PC format only.
  • Submit artwork by:
    • emailing to Shasta Creations at, or
    • providing on disk (standard 3-1/2” floppy disk or CD).